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I often get asked what started me on this rewarding journey of soap making. To be honest, I got tired of my reoccurring BV. BV is vaginal inflammation caused by the overgrowth of bacteria naturally found in the vagina, which upsets the natural balance. The most common symptoms are a strong fish like odor and a thin white or gray discharge. Once I turned 25, I started suffering from BV. Before age 25, my PH balance was never an issue. Like many, I rushed to my OBGYN for a cure. I took the antibiotics as described, only to then develop a yeast infection. This was an every month routine for about a year. Finally, I gave up on doctors and began my journey on natural healing. For months I researched causes of BV and natural healing. The first product I created was the Mermaid Nectar Oil. I saw remarkable results using the oil daily. MY CONFIDENCE WAS BACK! No more odor, itchiness, or discharge. After a few weeks of using the oil, I decided every product that touched my “Nectar” would be natural and created by me. I ditched the commercial detergent “soap” I was buying and created my first yoni bar. I know we have all heard the saying “Your vagina is self-cleansing”. That is true, but the vagina is the interior canal where intercourse happens. Your vulva (clitoris and labia) requires a good natural herbal cleanse. Your vulva is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. All of our Yoni (Nectar) products contain active natural ingredients that are known to heal. If you are reading this blog post, we are here to give you your confidence back. Read below to find out which bar/gel is great for you!


Delicate Nectar

Our delicate nectar is our most sensitive yoni wash.

Use this wash if you have usual irritation or discomfort when switching products,

Mothers to be, teenagers and anyone that is extremely sensitive.


Sweet Nectar

Great for women with slightly sensitive skin, slight odor

& mild cramps during menstrual. It's best to start off with our sweet nectar wash as it is a balance between the two. If the sweet nectar causes irritation switch to the Delicate Nectar. Has a mild tingling sensation.



Premium Nectar (Premium Yoni)

Our most potent & effective recipe for healing the Nectar.

Great if you often use new products without irritation or inflammation, Have a strong odor, yeast, BV, HS, PCOS, heavy bleeding and cramps during menstrual. Has a great tingling sensation.


All soaps should be used with our Mermaid Nectar Oil for extra healing, protection, and hydration.

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